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Commercial Refrigeration

We offer personalized service with competitive pricing for all your commercial refrigeration needs. Our services encompass installations, repairs, and maintenance for various commercial refrigeration equipment, including cold and freezer rooms, self-contained and remote cabinets. Our specialization extends to supermarket and restaurant equipment, ensuring your business operates at its best



We install quality commercial refrigeration equipment including walk-in coldrooms & freezer rooms and have revamped numerous supermarkets, butcheries and cafeterias as well as restaurants. With our experience we are able to offer our clients the best options suitable for their budgets and work around their business to manage upgrades with minimal interruption to sales. Contact us for a free competitive quotation for your next upgrade.


Service & Maintenance

We provide an ongoing repair and maintenance service for our installations as well as providing excellent fault finding & trouble shooting skills with regard to all types of commercial refrigeration.


Vast experience in completing many installations and maintenance has offered us the versatility to be able to repair any type of cooling equipment. Our normal rates are highly competitive and we offer lowest pricing on spares. We believe that if we can't fix it - no one can!

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